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Here at The Framed Bicycle Co. we keep our finger on the pulse so that when we sell you a bike we’re selling you the best bike for what you want to ride. Our choices are based on reliability, serviceability, performance and cost… lets be honest here, colour too. It’s got to look good. Our experience in the workshop heavily influences our brand choices, any workshop regulars see us steering clear at the trade shows. So here’s the brands we have chosen for 2018 and why…


Orange Bikes

We Love Orange that’s why they’re top of the list here, the single pivot system is beautifully simple and in so doing keeps the servicing cost low. The frame is progressive and geometries always on point, when paired with an air shock you get all the ramp up you need. They stick to their guns in halifax which is why you don’t see creaky press-fit BBs in any of their bikes or any gimmicky shape shifting nonsense, just proven tech that proves itself every turn of the wheel out on the trail. Don’t come in here telling us that the welds look like a 6th form project you will be met with a dishonest smile! Orange Mountainbike suspension platform is mint, if you’re still not convinced just have a look what MBR have to say about them… here. WARNING reading will result in a new bike.

North Wales Orange Bikes dealer, The framed bicycle co

The good times don’t stop there, their customer service is first class, demo’s available before you buy, choose your own colour frames, choice upgrades if you prefer a different spec, frame respray with bearing and vinyl change for £250 if you fancy a change, built in halifax they supply to demand so don’t devalue their brand,

Kona Bikes

North Wales Kona Dealer, the framed bicycle co

Kona have proven their bikes here in North Wales, the terrain, the riders and the weather are next level. If they can cut it with the locals on the drenched and razor sharp slate then they can cut it anywhere. Antur Stiniog, Revs, Llangollen… these are our stomping grounds and Kona’s pass with flying colours. The Process 153 if THE best bike we’ve ridden and they’ve only gone and made it better

If the old Process was built to be solid, this one is built for war. Kona have built on an shakeable foundation and made it better for the rider; bigger bearings adds stiffness and increases service intervals, metric shock allows a bottle to be welcomed back in the frame, a big hatch that makes changing cables easier also neatly houses a spare hanger, ali chainstays on and otherwise carbon bike to again improve longevity for you. Kona listen to all their riders, most notably their customers, will one thing in mind… a better riding experience on and off the bike. That’s why they’re welcome at The Framed Bicycle Co.

Transition Bikes

New to The Framed Bicycle Co. for 2018 is Transition bikes and we are very excited about this, so very excited. This option is for the rider that wants a bike that ramps up a as it moves through the travel, ideal for someone that just rides really hard all the time. The burlier Ali frames aren’t designed for a to a weight point their built for abuse, so if you’re looking for a bike to worry about and fret over don’t buy a transition.

Transition north Wales dealer, the framed bicycle co

SPG is simple; bigger reach, slacker head angle, steeper seatpost, shorter stem and shorter fork offset, all with the intention to move the rider mass more forward for better front wheel traction, so no more hanging off the back out of control on the descents or struggling to keep the front down on the climbs.

I really do like the cut of transition’s jib, they’ve simplified things knowing full well that there’s more to the jack of all trades cliche. They give you 4 options each with 3 builds; The long travel 27.5 patrol for smashing burly descents all day long, the long travel 29er sentinel for racing your/ way to the number one spot, the short travel 29er smuggler for clocking up the XC miles and the short travel 27.5… a true pedigree trail whippet if ever there was one.

Marin Bikes Dealer

Marin Bikes are our longest standing brand, we’ve been through thick and thin together and they’ve been with us since day one, where others come and go Marin remain. You get so much bike for you buck with Marin, their Hybrids are another level compared to bigger brands who charge more for less and their mountainbikes take it a step further each year. There’s a new design team beavering away in the engine room churning out brilliantly simple yet incredibly effective bike designs… so successful that they lured Chris away from HH and his downhill bike back to the trail on their entry level 120mm Hawk Hill.

Marin Bikes North Wales Dealer, the framed bicycle co

Marin Bikes are producing THE most under rated bikes out there, they’re the under dog that will come out swinging giving the champ a surprising run for his money. Their unassuming appearance demands to differ on the trail as they effortlessly keep up with the more expensive players. That was up until they released the Wolf Ridge, a true bruiser that has to be tamed to be ridden, any frame that uses 40% less damping and offer the same feel at 20% SAG compared with other bikes is a fable until you ride it and realise it’s all true, that’s why when people come in wanting to race Enduro we say two words Wolf Ridge.

If that wasn’t reason enough…