The best bike of all time…

Alex Farmer, The Framed Bicycle Co. North wales bikeshop

There is now an unprecedented amount of choice when it comes to bicycles; suspension, wheel size, tyre width, tyre compound, amount of travel, no travel, 1x, 2x… It is all confusing as hell, you forever feel like you’re wading through a gloop of marketing bumpff. There’s plenty of videos like this, that rather deflatingly state

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Suspension Set Up

Fox suspension service

Suspension is black magic fact! Thing is you don’t need to understand it to get the best setup for you, your riding style and the trails you plan to dominate. SAG Short for saggy, sounds like something you don’t want but think of it like this. You want your suspension to soak up roots and

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Push up, Ride down.

Chris The Framed Bicycle Co DH Downhill Kona Operator

I’ve just had an awesome day riding downhill with friends in some forgotten DH trails in North Wales. Downhill riding use to be all about pushing up to ride down and whatever the trails lacking or in need of you build. Now we’re fortunate to have the option of uplifts at a few choice downhill

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