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North Wales is the kind of place that would soon see you gasping for help on one of the many climbs, or call it a day after one lap. Electric Bikes or eBikes as they’re affectionately known let you ride further with less effort, so when you make it back to the car park it won’t be your legs that stop you from doing another lap. Here at The Framed Bicycle Co we are Bosch trained North Wales eBike dealer, one’s that are more than happy to help you find the right bike for the riding you want to do, furthermore we have a number of demo eBikes to help reassure your decision. The Framed Bicycle Co want you to leave the store happy with your purchase, we want you to come back and tell us how good you’re new bike is and would like to keep servicing your bike to keep you riding with a smile on your face. This is why we have chosen to be Haibike eBike Dealers and Raleigh eBike Dealers, please do come and see us to try one of these fantastic bikes for yourselves.

To some people eBikes are cheating, but to us avid cyclists we see the benefit they offer not just in relieving aching joints and to see you riding well into retirement, but to riders that want to go further and stay out longer. With eBikes you need not wait for the uplift, or fill every pocket with energy gels, so long as you remembered to charge your bike you can hop on it and have fun. eBikes also have a place for those looking for a cheaper and more economical mode of transport, unlike other motor vehicles you need not insure, tax or have a license by law to drive your bike.

“The guys at the Framed Bicycle Co. are second to none, their knowledge and customer service is fantastic. I was and still am thoroughly impressed by my experience with them and I cannot recommend highly enough.” Mark Hince

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Bosch or Yamaha

Bosch eBike systems and Yamaha eBike systems are the heavy hitters in the electric bike market, their products are incredibly similar when you look at the numbers with the only significant differences coming down to preference; Where the bosch battery has 5 LEDs to indicate battery charge the yamaha has 4. We could dive head first into tables and pie charts like we did but you probably have better things to do than make sense of it all, and determine fact from fiction when it comes to the marketing spiel. So Here’s the truth as we see it… Bosch is better but only just and only if you’re willing to spend a little more for it. If you want to see how we came to this conclusion please do read on by clicking Battery, eMotor or Controls to learn more

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When it comes to battery life this really is dependent on how, where and in what conditions you ride. If you make proper use of your gears when setting off and climbing you will get far more sMiles out of your battery, likewise if you’re riding the roling hills of anglesey rather than tackling the more mountainous peaks of Gwynedd. Conditions can also have a significant effect on battery life, riding in driving rain stright into a headwind will sap both your and the bikes energy. On average you can expect to see 57miles out of your Bosch battery and 59 out of your Yamaha battery. Once drained the batteries will be 70 to 80% charged in an impressive 1.5hours and fully charged in 3.5. The other important thing to note is the Bosch battery is warrantied to 500 full charges whereas the yamaha benefits from 700, both however are warrantied for two years, so let me break out the calculator… if you plan to do more than 28,500 miles on your bosch powered eBike in two years you might want to opt for the Yamaha with an extra 200 charges…. allowing 41,300 miles. That’s a lot of time in the saddle, local legend and double brit champ Gareth McGuinness does 15,000 miles in a year on his road bike, if that helps you put things in perspective.

Bosch ebike, yamaha ebike, electric bike, north wales electric bike dealer, The Framed Bicycle Co, bikeshop

Taking a look at the 250W motors and the Bosch eBike system trumps the Yamaha eBike system but only marginally, with 75Nm of torque and 300% maximum assist as opposed to 70Nm an 280%. The power from the Yamaha counters this by being quicker off the line and weighs in at 3.5kg as opposed to the slightly more hefty 3.8kg Bosch. Both Motors are limited to assist only to 15.5mph which is plenty on a climb and doesn’t matter on the descent where your pedals are often level to clear the rough stuff. Now this speed can be increased but at the cost of your warranty, and it is obvious when an eBike has been redistricted not just by the beaming grin on your face but by the diagnostics that can be run to determine why the battery isn’t providing the claimed range or why the motor has burnt out.

Bosch ebike, yamaha ebike, electric bike, north wales electric bike dealer, The Framed Bicycle Co, bikeshop

Now i know you’re really just wanting to know which is best and after reading this you’re thinking there’s not much in it and maybe the Yamaha is slightly more desirable? Hand on heart you will be more than happy with either, however if you’re happy to spend a little more cash then i would go for the Bosch every day of the week, everything just feels a little bit better; from the buttons of the controller to the battery charger itself! That and with the Bosch we can run updates and diagnostics to help you get more out of your bike. Come see us in store if you want to find out more or to have a go.

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