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About The Framed Bicycle Co

The Framed Bicycle Co. North Wales Bikeshop

The Framed Bicycle Co. is your local bike shop, located at the foot of Mt. Snowdon in Llanberis, Gwynedd, North Wales. We offer a complete range of bike services, from new bikes to bike repair and bicycle restoration.

Whether it’s your first bike, your next bike or your current bike, regardless of where you got it from or how much it costs, if you need our help then we are here for you. We’re here because we love cycling, we even set time aside at the weekends with a mountain of spare parts in stock, including hangers, bearings, spokes and everything else you expect of a decent local bike shop. Although we can’t guarantee having everything we are your best bet in fixing ride ruining mechanicals on the day, we feel your pain and want to get you back out riding ASAP.

Meet Our Team

Alex 'Farm Boy' Farmer

Wheeler Dealer

Coffee connoisseur, Fox service centre technician and chief biscuit dunker. Alex is an experienced and qualified technician who’s happy to fix any technical issue you may have. An hobby cyclist that really knows his stuff.

Chris Williamson

Keanu Reeves look alike

Test dummy, amateur code warrior and part-time self proclaimed artist that really likes to ride bikes. Not just another Cytech qualified bike mechanic that’s happy to fix, restore or upgrade your bike, he has colorful allen keys!

Jordan Eade

Employee of the Month

All round nice chap, that screams downhill. He’s our weekend warrior who’s “quick after work ride” is up and down Snowdon, an enduro monster that makes us all feel old because he likes Justin Bieber and we don’t

What we do

If you’re after someone that can help you wade through the reams of marketing, to help separate fact from fiction. Then HELLO! It’s me you’re looking for…. we demo a lot of bikes and we learn a lot from the ones that come limping into the workshop. The ones we like the look of  we ride ourselves and recommend them to our friends and customers, none of whom pull any punches, so if they can survive what North Wales can throw at it then you can rest assured you’re onto a winner with the bike we suggest. Our range is constantly evolving to reflect product developments, our goal is simple; we want to sell you the best bike for your money so that you can enjoy riding your bike.


Our sales staff are on hand to offer advice and experience, we listen to help you find the right bike for your needs. We welcome all abilities in the bikeshop and will get you spinning before you buy to make sure it’s the right bike for you.


If you need help getting back on the road or trail, our mechanics are the experienced and qualified cycle techs that can get you there. We happily service, repair and upgrade your bike(s) regardless of their condition or place of purchase. We run a professional workshop using bicycle specific tools from Parktool, Unior, Fox, Sram, Bosch…


Vintage is back. We know how hard it is to retire an old bike and now you don’t have to. So if you have an old and loved bike that you want restoring to its former glory or giving a new lease of life with modern bike components then we can help you do just that.

The Framed Bicycle Co. ethos.

We believe cycling is a lifestyle choice worth making. We plan to promote this through developing a hub for riders to meet and share knowledge in a relaxed environment.

Our branding reflects the qualities of yesteryear with a timeless look that will encompass everything that we stand for. We hope to bring back a forgotten service to a rural area and develop a varied and inclusive cycling community.

We are a bike shop that welcomes all abilities and bikes. We want to encourage everyone to have fun riding whether on the trails or on the roads.

Why Choose Us?

The Framed Bicycle Co. are here in North Wales because first and foremost we enjoy cycling and the lifestyle that it promotes. All abilities are welcome, from beginner to pro.

The Framed Bicycle Co. is built on a solid riding foundation. A foundation that we are happy to share. Any and all questions are welcome.

Our experienced and qualified cycle technicians will provide you with a bike that suits you in every way and can talk you through why.

We stock a wide range of cycles in various sizes, that cover all aspects of cycling. We can find you your perfect bike and you can touch it, even spin it before you buy it.

With every new cycle The Framed Bicycle Co. will provide a bike fit, second week check and a 6 month full service all free of charge.

The Framed Bicycle Co. believes in supporting riders and clubs. Ask in store about our demo days, skills sessions, tech tutorials and course construction projects. We also have a really big ramp and three good jokes. What’s not to like?