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The Framed Bicycle Co is a Rider Owned North Wales Bike Shop that runs a professional bicycle repair workshop using cycle specific tools from Parktool and Unior. Our bike mechanics are well trained and fully qualified, boasting years of cycle experience and certificates from Cytech, Bosch and Fox Suspension.

All bikes are welcome in our workshop; Road, Mountain, Hybrid, eBike, Tandem, BMX, Trike, Kids, Recumbents… any and all bikes and brands receive the same stella treatment. We stock an assortment of competitively priced spares to minimize your time off the saddle.

  • Minimum labour charge £5.
  • Cost of bike parts not included unless otherwise stated.
  • Puncture?! We will sort it for £10 – new inner tube included in the price.
  • Prices are based on individual jobs, multiple jobs on the same bike may be subject to discount.
  • All work is carried out by Cytech qualified bike mechanics and checked by another qualified bike mechanic.

This North Wales Bike Shop offers FREE safety checks on ALL bikes

If you’re worried about the condition of your bike, just bring it in to The Framed Bicycle Co in North Wales and we’ll check it over and advise on any work required. We will quote you on what needs to be done, what you should have done and what you could have done, all to make the bike safer, more reliable and enjoyable to ride. We quote before the work is carried out, we don’t like surprises at the till so we don’t give any. How much you spend is up to you.

Our comprehensive safety checks covers all areas of the bike looking for wear and potential ride ruining mechanical failures. If we catch them before the ride we can save the day and some money in your pocket.

Gear & Brake Tune £25

Brakes rubbing and gears slipping leads to excessive wear and shortens the life of your componentry. This basic service gets your wheels spinning freely and your gears changing smoothly across their entire range. The service includes:

• Check & adjust brakes.
• Check & adjust gears.
• Clean & lubrication of brake & gear cables.
• Check for chain & drive chain wear.
• Check & lubrication of drive chain.

If you would like an inner cable and outer sleeve change then please add £20 (or £25 for internal cabled bikes). This is for black outer sleeves and stainless steel cables.

Add £10 if you would like your wheels trued.

Main Service £50

This is the service for the well used or neglected bike.

We recommend this service every 6 months for the keen cyclist.

It includes the Gear & Brake Tune plus:

• Setup recommendations to  better fit rider.
• Sag adjustment on full suspension bikes.
• Check tyre pressure & tread wear.
• Check wheels & hubs.
• True wheels.
• Adjust headset.
• Check bolt torque for all components.
• Diagnostics check & advice on any further work required.
• Complete safety inspection.

Brake Bleed is + £15 per lever plus fluid.

Overhaul Service £120

We recommend this service once a year to keep your cycle running in top condition.

Our complete overhaul service includes Gear & Brake Tune and Main Service plus:

• Kingud Bike valet.
• Complete cycle strip down and component check, excluding suspension.*
• Cleaning & re-greasing of components.
• Brake service including inner cable & outer sleeve replacement.
• Hydraulic brake clean, adjust & bleed.
• Gear cable change & re-tune.

*We offer Suspension servicing from £30. Suspension systems vary so please get in touch for an accurate quote. Suspension units received by Monday morning can be ready for the weekend.

kingud bicycle cleaner

Prices do not include any components that need replacing and the associated fitting costs, unless otherwise stated.

Brake Services
Brake tune
Brake bleed per brake
(Brake fluid not included, caliper flossing included!)
Pad replacement per brake
Cable replacement per brake
Drivetrain Services
Gear tune
Cable replacement
Hanger replacement
Chain replacement
Cassette replacement
Chainring replacement
Bottom bracket replacement
Bar, Stem, Saddle, Handle bar grip replacement each
Misc Services
Mudguard fitting
Rack fitting
Bar tape fitting
Bike Valet
(using Kingud products)
Wheel Services
Wheel true per wheel
(Lateral & vertical true)
Wheel build per wheel
Replace all nipples
Hub service per wheel
Tubeless set up per pair
(tubeless ready wheels & tyres)
Tubeless set up per pair
(non-tubeless wheels & tyres)
Tubular wheel fitting per pair
(£30 if removal is required)
Tyre fit per wheel
Tube fit per wheel
Frame & Fork Services
Headset replacement
(Served on a bed of grease!)
Fork replacement / fitting

(Removal & reinstalling of crown race & cutting down steerer tube)
Frame Bearing Swap

(Removal & reinstalling of each frame bearing)
Dropper Post Services
Dropper post fitting
Dropper post Bleed Service
(Fluid not included)
Suspension Services
All suspension servicing is undertaken by our experienced Fox approved technician.
Suspension forks full service
from £60
(Includes new dust & wiper seals & new oil. All cleaned & inspected. Does not include internal parts where needed)
Rear air shock sleeve service
(Includes seals. Add £10 for new bushes)
Rear spring shock full service
from £60
Prices do vary so please do contact us for guidance. If you get the Suspension Units to us by Monday we can get them back to you for the weekend.
Bike Building
Bought a bike online and don’t want to take time off work waiting for it to be courier delivered? Get it delivered to us and we’ll build it up and get you riding.
Custom bike build
Online Bike in a box build
We choose each and every item we stock, our choices are based on serviceability, reliability and cost. We would be happy to ride, so you can rest assured when buying a product from us.

The small print…

We are cyclists ourselves, we know that no-one plans to have a mechanical failure and wants their bike fixing straight away so we aim to keep the vast majority of service parts in store. However, whenever possible we strongly advise booking your bike into our workshop in advance to ensure it’s ready before a holiday or race. Workspace is limited so if you’re unable to collect your bike on the agreed collection date, or within 7 days, then we will have to charge a late collection fee of £10 per day thereafter, unless otherwise and agreed to with the workshop.

All prices are dependent on condition of the cycle and the components – neglected bikes may take more time to fix as nuts and bolts may be rounded and/or rusted together and unfortunately cost more. For a more accurate quote please come see us with your bike in store.

Dirty bikes will be subject to the Kingud Bike Valet with a cleaning charge of £10. Bikes can roll through some horrible stuff and we’ve just got new carpets so depending on their state and how busy we are, we reserve the right to refuse a filthy bike.