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Snowdon Voluntary Cycle Agreement

Snowdon Voluntary Cycle Agreement

Let’s face it Snowdon is one of those bike rides that is on every mountainbikers bucket list. However due to the vast number of walkers during the summer months the Snowdon Voluntary Cycle Agreement has been made between; the Snowdonia National Park, Gwynedd County Council, CTC, Welsh Cycling Union and the International Mountain Bicycling Association. The Framed Bicycle Co as a bikeshop and keen cyclists implore you to keep to the agreement, to safeguard the safety of all mountain users. We suggest saving your ride untill later in the day regardless of the time of year because if you’ve gone to the effort of pushing up you’d ideally want to minmise the amount of traffic you’d come across when descending. So please stick to the agreement so you don’t push up just to push down.

The Snowdon Voluntary Cycle Agreement is that between the hours of 10.00 am and 5 pm from 1st May to 30th September cyclists should not cycle on the Snowdon bridleways, shown on the maps below. From personal experience we’ve found waiting till later in the day rewards you with better weather and much less traffic on the descent. It’s worth carrying bike lights and puncture repair kits just in case. Please always adhere to the Forest Cycle Code for not just your own safety.

Llanberis Path

Ranger Path

If you’d like to see some other Snowdon Cycle Routes

It is expected that all cyclists will act responsibly and observe this agreement, sometimes referred to as a ‘voluntary ban’. The alternative may be a complete, actual ban on Snowdon’s bridleways, which no one wants to see happen.

  • Stay on the bridleway, not the train track… please not the train track, save that for Matt Hoffman Pro BMX 2
  • Give way to horses and walkers because both startle easily.
  • leave gates as you find them, not doing so results in fluffy white road blocks
  • Avoid severe braking, skids are cool but do damage the paths and provide the haters with more reason to ban cycling on Snowdon

If you want to see how the pro’s do it check out the video below, spoiler alert… they get the train!

In the event of a serious accident on the mountain dial 999 and ask for North Wales Police, not Prince William he’s moved onto having babies.

REMEMBER! Cyclists who ride “recklessly and without due care and attention…or take part in a race or trial of speed” contravene the Road Traffic Act 1988. That includes competing for the KOM! Please play fair and keep it safe, there’s a lot of people that want to enjoy themselves in their own way out there.

For further information about off-road cycling routes in Snowdonia come see us at The Framed Bicycle Co. on the High Street in Llanberis Snowdonia